Multiplication of the searches in the economic capital Bujumbura

Very early in the morning of Monday, policemen armed to the teeth broke into the Jabe I district of the Bwiza area, in Mukaza commune, in Bujumbura town hall. Unlike other days, the children were able to go to school.

The police were accompanied by soldiers. They encircle the area to be searched and the police come inside to search. They were mainly looking for weapons as well as household notebooks. Often some families give a small amount of money for the police to drop the case. It will be known that in the morning of Saturday, November 23, another search-search was organized in the convent of sisters and novices of Bene Mukama, Rohero area, not far from the office of the mayor of the city. The sisters were unpleasantly surprised to learn that the police were looking for weapons in this convent.

The search was so thorough that even the police searched under the mattresses of the sisters and novices. They said this is the first time she sees a such as scenario.

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