The Minister of Justice announced the release of Kirundo’s three daughters

The announcement was made on Monday afternoon during a raid on the Ntahangwa Court of Appeal north of the newly created city of Bujumbura. Aimée-Laurentine Kanyana announces to the press that the public prosecutor’s office near the court of appeal of Ngozi made the decision to release these students. The Minister of Justice indicates that […]

Three members of the CNL party in Gitega have exceeded detention time in police custody

On 8 March, they were arrested on Gerangabo hill in Mutaho commune, Gitega province, and then taken to the prison of the provincial police station. They are Éric Sabokwigura, Rémy Manirakiza and Félix Niyonzima. They have been detained for nearly 20 days accused of illegally detaining weapons. After a search of their homes, no suspicious […]

Tanzania, 58 Burundian refugees intercepted at the Kenyan border

They are from Mtendeli refugee camp. They went to Kenya to seek asylum, according to their testimonies. They are currently in the hands of the Tanzanian police. Some Burundian refugees from different camps in Tanzania are increasingly moving to other countries to seek asylum. The 58 Burundian refugees, including several young men, were arrested when […]

The forced purchase of a loincloth divides the Uprona

The tension rises within the cadres of the party Uprona close to the power. This was the result of a measure requiring executives of this party who have positions in the government, appointed by decree and ministerial order to buy pagnes to the glory of the Uprona party and buy from other members. Some members […]

Rwanda: More than 3,000 new Burundian refugees awaiting registration

The operations are expected to last two days starting this Wednesday in the capital, Kigali but because the registered refugees are numerous this activities continue until the day of this Friday. Some who were tired of the waiting line and the cost of transport tickets for two to three days spent the night under the […]

Bujumbura: Ten houses collapsed after a ravine at Kinanira 2

This ravine has a depth of more than 15 meters and a length of more than 30 meters and lies between the Kanyosha River and the Kinanira Road in the Muzenga neighborhood in the middle of houses. A hundred or so homes are in danger of collapse. An administrative officer from the locality of Muzenga […]