DRC: Congolese army launches assault on Burundian rebels of General Nzabampema

Earlier this Tuesday, elements of the Congolese army (FARDC) were at the front against the Burundian rebels, General Nzabampema Aloys in the localities of Magunda and Kakuku, in the sector of Itombwe the territory of Mwenga, province of South Kivu east of the DRC.

The FARDC launched assaults on General Nzabampema’s positions. According to our sources, the fighting took place in the highlands of Uvira. Heavy weapons were heard in the localities of Magunda, Kakuku, Maheta where the FNL rebels are based. According to our sources, the FARDC military regiment, led by Colonel Zaire, is currently in the Ruhuha Mountains in pursuit of these Burundian rebels. Residents of the above-mentioned localities claim to have seen many heavily armed FARDC soldiers. They also say that until the beginning of the evening of Tuesday that weapons continued to ring.

General Nzabampema accuses the Burundian army of collaborating with the FARDC to hunt down his men. Some time ago, the Congolese army launched an operation against all rebel groups in eastern DRC, including General Aloys Nzabampema’s RED-Tabara, FOREBU and FNL. Several positions of these rebels have already been dislodged.

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