A vehicle burned by armed men speaking Kirundi in Kiliba DRC

The transport vehicle that was ambushed that Tuesday belonged to the Okapi transport agency and made the Bukavu-Uvira route.

This vehicle from the Okapi transport agency was burned on Tuesday around 18 hours. No human damage is to be deplored. The passengers were stripped of their personal belongings including their phones and liquidity. A motorcyclist who was at the scene of the incident was injured by these gunmen. One of the passengers of this vehicle points to men talking Kirundi. This source points out that these men, estimated at about fifty, came from the Burundian border and were heading towards the mountains of Uvira. Civil society in Uvira calls on the Congolese authorities to fight against all armed groups operating in South Kivu. It regrets that the safety of Uvira-Bukavu road users is most often threatened.

This is not the first time that transport vehicles in this part of the plain of Ruzizi are burned by armed men. Burundian rebels are believed to be the perpetrators. The latest attack resulted in 5 injuries in December 2018.

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