President Antoine Felix Tshisekedi plans a descent in the region of Minembwe

Last Friday, November 22, 2019, Congolese President Felix Tchisekedi chaired the 11th Council of Ministers that took place in the city of the African Union in Kinshasa, the Congolese capital. Among the items on the agenda Congo’s security inside the country and on the borders.

In this Council of Ministers President Tchisekedi explicitly stated that all the measures for safeguarding and restoring security were taken. And ask the various officials in the relevant areas to implement these measures. The President of the Congolese Republic also said that the security situation of Beni in North Kivu and Minembwe in South Kivu is of great concern to him. He has not failed to reveal his next visit to the region of Minembwe to which the date will be specified later.

The Congolese government of Kinshasa was a little reluctant about the massacres of the Banyamulenge population of Minembwe. But the announced visit seems to change the opinions of both, and once the promise is implemented it will be the first visit of the Congolese president since his independence in the region of Minembwe.

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