Burundi: The power of the CNDD-FDD is on the verge of committing the genocide of Tutsi and Hutu non-members of that party

This is visible in a press release from the Iteka Human Rights League. In a two-page serial, Ligue Iteka reveals that nocturnal meetings to prepare these despicable acts take place at night. And the youth Imbonerakure of the ruling party CNDD-FDD should take action before the 2020 elections. The Tutsi by dehumanizing them, they are called “Mujeri” which means stray dogs, the Bahutu non-members of the CNDD- FDD are called “Ibipinga” which means rebellious

The Ligue Iteka indicates that these untimely meetings take place mainly in Karuzi province in the Eastern Center of the country. The main speakers are Nestor nicknamed Benurire, responsible for imbonerakure throughout Karusi, Nestor Bashingwanubusa alias Irambire, responsible for imbonerakure in Buhiga commune, and Phocas Sindaruhuka, Buhiga zone head at the same time president of the CNDD-FDD party in the common Buhiga. This team is in addition to other people, such as Remégie, who works in Buhiga health district, as well as local intelligence officers. These meetings are often the evenings of the day of Friday which starts the weekends.

The last meeting was held according to Ligue Iteka on Friday, November 22, 2019. Four decisions were taken during this meeting:

  1. The elimination of all CNDD-FDD opponents starting with the leaders. Some will be kidnapped and will disappear afterwards, others will be purely and simply executed before the 2020 elections,
  2. It is strictly forbidden to divulge the information so that it does not reach the Tutsi even if they are members of the CNDD-FDD or not,
  3. Related training sessions will take place every night and there will always be permutation of training places,
  4. The demobilized CNDD-FDD will be on the ground to help harden the imbonerakure who seem to have failed in recent days.

The Iteka League also reveals that there will be imbonerakure permutations at the provincial level during the execution of this barbarism. For example, the imbonerakure of Makamba province will be brought to Karusi at night and vice versa. This permutation would aim to dispel the fear of these imbonerakure for the execution of these massacres of “Mujeri and Ibipinga”. Only a few scouts will remain in the area. Ligue Iteka calls on the international community to closely monitor the political and security situation in Burundi in order to prevent this catastrophe.

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