Two people tortured and detained in custodies in Cibitoke since five days

Two people stay in a custodies of the Intelligence Service in Cibitoke, since five days now. The secret service’s officers have tortured them. Police sources suggest that the two detainees have been arrested at Ndora village, Bukinanyana district, Cibitoke province, (north-west Burundi) by the officials of the SNR . According to the same sources, they […]

political intolerance persists in Cibitoke

Members of both parties: Sahwanya Frodebu and Uprona,  complain about provocations made by the Imbonerakure youth wing of the CNDD-FDD, the Imbonerakure. Party leaders ask the public authorities and the police to rapidly deal with the issue . The call is made after many occasions of provocation perpetrated since these last days. On December 15, […]

Torrential rains kill ten in northern Bujumbura

At least twelve people died in landslides caused by heavy rain that hit northern Bujumbura last night.  The districts of Nyabagere and Uwinterekwa, in the Kamenge area, were the most affected Twelve bodies were recovered from the rubble of houses destroyed on the morning of this Sunday.  More than thirty wounded and missing were also […]

Four mandatories detained at the provincial police commissioner’s station of Rumonge 

Jean Claude Niyongabo, Jérémie Ndayizigiye and Anitha Ndihokubwayo, all CNL members, as well as Jean Bosco Bucumi, member of the UPRONA party close to the government are detained at the provincial police commissioner’s station in Rumonge. They are accused of disrupting activities of the registration of new voters. Jean Claude Niyongabo and Jean Bosco Bucumi […]

Three dead bodies recovered at the Rusizi river 

The three decomposing bodies were seen by residents yesterday in the afternoon. They were  on the border of the Rusizi river , at the transversal 3, Gasenyi zone, Buganda district province of Cibitoke, northwest Burundi According to witnesses, the bodies had wounds. Local residents were ordered to bury them immediately. “We were forced to bury […]

December is a month that reminds Burundians of the attack n Bujumbura military camps in December 2015: human rights activists and families of victims demand the truth and demand justice

Several families report losing young people “killed at close range” by individuals in police and military uniforms.  Testimonies..  Four years later, John *, who had participated in one of the attacks, remembers: “We had formed two groups, one to recover the weapons and another to cover the first.  I was among those who had to […]

Gitega officially accuses Kigali and threatens to retaliate

In a statement released last night, the spokesman and secretary general of the government said that Burundi was the victim of an armed attack by Rwanda. The attack was carried out on the night of November 16 to 17. Prosper Ntahorwamiye says that the Rwandan army perpetrated an attack against a military post of the […]