Three dead bodies recovered at the Rusizi river 

The three decomposing bodies were seen by residents yesterday in the afternoon. They were  on the border of the Rusizi river , at the transversal 3, Gasenyi zone, Buganda district province of Cibitoke, northwest Burundi
According to witnesses, the bodies had wounds. Local residents were ordered to bury them immediately.
“We were forced to bury them before any investigations to know the perpetrators”, residents of Gasenyi complain.
“This is the third time that we bury dead bodies. We don’t undertand why the administration and security forces tell us to bury people without being informed of what or who killed them”, they say.
They request clarifications about those assassinations.
The Buganda district’s administrator, Emmanuel Bigirimana confirms the information. He says he allowed that swift burial of the decomposing bodies to avoid that people get contaminated pending the outcome of the results.

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