Torrential rains kill ten in northern Bujumbura

At least twelve people died in landslides caused by heavy rain that hit northern Bujumbura last night.  The districts of Nyabagere and Uwinterekwa, in the Kamenge area, were the most affected
Twelve bodies were recovered from the rubble of houses destroyed on the morning of this Sunday.  More than thirty wounded and missing were also noted, according to Didace Nibizi, head of the Nyabagere district.  “The assessment remains provisional.  It’s almost impossible to get a full picture of the damage, ”he said.
Among the damage recorded, there are also some twenty collapsed houses, roads that have become impassable, and several infrastructures under threat of runoff.
“I lost everything my four children including twins, my husband and my servant perished in the rubble of our house which collapsed on them.  I was saved because I work there night.  Now I am homeless and have no family.  My whole life has just flown in radiance, “testified while crying in front of the rubble of his house in Uwinterekwa, Angelle a nurse about fifty years old.
“The Cari River which flows through the districts of Uwinterekwa and Nyabagere has overflowed.  The water poured into households taking everything in their path, “testified a resident of the locality.
The Minister of Security, the mayor of the city of Bujumbura and several executives went to the districts affected by the floods.
Bunyoni also indicated that temporary shelters will be installed

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