political intolerance persists in Cibitoke

Members of both parties: Sahwanya Frodebu and Uprona,  complain about provocations made by the Imbonerakure youth wing of the CNDD-FDD, the Imbonerakure. Party leaders ask the public authorities and the police to rapidly deal with the issue .
The call is made after many occasions of provocation perpetrated since these last days. On December 15, a tomato crop field at the transversal 6, Kagazi village, Rugombo district, belonging to a member of the Uprona party, was destroyed by the Imbonerakure.
Day after, the effigy of the Prince Louis Rwagasore, founder of the Uprona party and independence hero was defaced. In the district of Buganda, members of the Sahwanya Frodebu party also say they saw doodles on the photo of Melchior Ndadaye,founder of their party and democracy hero which was at their headquarters.
“We lodged a case to the court but they don’t want to listen to us”, say the local leaders of both parties.
Witnesses say the Imbonerakure are often organising demonstration of power in order to intimidate opposition supporters.
The opposition supporters ask the public authorities to interven to avoid disorder in the run-up-to the 2020 elections.
The CNDD-FDD leaders rules out all the accusations.

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