Two people tortured and detained in custodies in Cibitoke since five days

Two people stay in a custodies of the Intelligence Service in Cibitoke, since five days now. The secret service’s officers have tortured them.
Police sources suggest that the two detainees have been arrested at Ndora village, Bukinanyana district, Cibitoke province, (north-west Burundi) by the officials of the SNR .
According to the same sources, they are accused of rebellion.
“They have been seriously tortured, no one is allowed to give them food or see them”, a police officer who saw them complained.
He says that the priority is now to treat them.
Several people fear that they may sometime be secretely abducted and call for the involvement of the justice .
However the SNR official denies the accusations. He says those detainees are not kept in the custodies of his service.

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