Burundi faces record outbreak of malaria denied by leaders

Burundi is facing an outbreak of malaria reaching “epidemic proportions”. More than 1,800 people have died from the disease since the beginning of the year, according to the UN, as much as the number of Ebola victims in one year in neighboring DRC. In this country with 11.5 million inhabitants, from 1 January to 21 […]

Voluntary HIV testing is no longer possible in Kayanza

The measure to prohibit voluntary HIV testing AIDS to the needy who desire it has been taken by the leadership of the health province. One of Kayanza’s doctors explains that it is a measure of austerity. “Voluntary HIV testing is expensive and we can not afford it. That is why it was suspended in all […]

Cases of the Ebola virus in the city of Goma

WHO will convene its emergency committee to decide whether to declare this new epidemic episode a “global health emergency”. On July 15, 2019, in Goma, eastern DRC, Ebola prevention was strengthened following the appearance of a new case. The dreaded and anticipated scenario has arrived: the confirmation of a first case of Ebola haemorrhagic fever […]

More than 400 animals die of an unknown disease in Ngozi province

Provincial Governor Albert Nduwimana banned the movement and marketing of goats and sheep following the disease. All derivatives including meat, are also hit by this measure. In a correspondence from the governor, we learn that 403 animals died of a highly contagious disease, of which a hundred in one week. The disease has appeared in […]

Gitega: several cases of malnourished children suffering from kwashiorkor

The therapeutic stabilization center of Gitega regional hospital in central Burundi is home to more and more malnourished children, some of whom suffer from kwashiorkor. Statement by one of the center’s nurses who requested anonymity. He gives the example of a child of 4 years who weighs only 10 kg. In normal times it should […]

“Having forgotten to bring the cloth to school” is the reason that led the teacher Mathieu MBARUSHIMANA to beat the schoolboy Cedric BIGIRIMANA to fracture his spine causing his death a week later.

Cedric, aged 12, a 5th grade schoolboy in Gitega commune Bihanga province, on October 17th, was at school like the others when he was kicked by his teacher. sticks that ended up causing the fracture of his spine. Medical interventions could not remedy the damage caused by this teacher and the boy succumbed a week […]

More than 3,700 cases of school abandoning related to pregnancies unwanted  since 2015

The Ministry of Education is raising a cry of alarm and calls on all actors involved in this sector to combine their efforts to save the Burundian girl against the phenomenon of unwanted pregnancies. The data was provided by the director general of basic and post-basic education last Thursday during the celebration of the international […]

Nurses assigned to Ebola treatment sites denounce embezzlement in Burundi

  A delegation from the Ministry of Health met with the nurses of the Ebola treatment site in Cibitoke in northwestern Burundi. This delegation came to announce that their premiums were revised downward as early as October. According to this delegation each nurse assigned to this service should obtain a lump sum of 200 thousand […]