Welcome Dear readers of our media support which is the “Ntare.org”. It is a great joy to announce its official launch. Our field as the media of the world will be multidimensional. We will focus primarily on Africa in the Great Lakes and Burundi in particular.
The choice of the particularity of Burundi is not a coincidence. The animal and king of animals in tales and riddles rundi is the lion “Intare”. In addition the word Ntare is a dynastic name of the king of Burundi during the monarchy, in short one of the monarchical lineages of Burundi. Giving this name to our media support means that it wants to be a unifying entity around the extensive and diverse information without boundaries. We process information from all areas and your suggestions and remarks are welcome for building a reference media. “Ntare.org” broadcasts information in three languages ​​namely Kirundi, French and English. Our media is evolutionary; it is not going to stop innovation but rather will be evolutionary for the extension and or the opening of the horizons in order to reach the widest public who is in an unfulfilled thirst for information. The reasons are multiple; first, there is the lack of access to information, occupation by other areas of life and others because the list is not at all exhaustive.
It is through this editorial that we officially launch the information site “Ntare.org” is ours and your satisfaction will be our pride. Long live the freedom of the press and still live any innovation in the media field.